5 Worst Tourist Traps To Avoid In Iceland; What To Avoid In Iceland

5 Worst Tourist Traps To Avoid In Iceland; What To Avoid In Iceland: Iceland, the island of fire and ice, has turned out to be one of the world’s best travel destinations. This place is not only for those who seek for thrill adventurers but also for the nature lovers who are looking out for something different.

If you are planning a trip to Iceland then you must make sure that you should avoid some of the tourist traps while traveling. Here with the help of his article, we are going to tell you about some of the tourist traps in Iceland and how to avoid them. so, let’s get started. Things to explore in Iceland.

5 Worst Tourist Traps To Avoid In Iceland-


A lopapeysa or Icelandic woolen sweater is a style of Icelandic sweater that was designed in the 1950s in order to keep the Icelander’s warm through the cold Icelandic weather. The Icelanders ended up inventing these amazing decorative pattern design sweaters which look so incredible along with making it the best way to stay warm in the Arctic. Bangalore to Iceland Tour Package

Today the problem is, that this specific sweater has become machines made in China due to which this authentic attire is not able to reach the majority of people especially who are traveling there.

In order to make sure that you will buy an authentic Iceland-knit quality Lopapeysa, you would have to buy it from local farm stays such as from the Handknitting Association of Iceland or Thorvaldsens Bazar at the corner of Austurstræti as well as Veltusund in central Reykjavík.

What To Avoid In Iceland-

Puffin shops

Puffin shops are basically the gift shops geared towards tourists and are popular among tourist in Iceland. But in the recent years it has turned out to be one of the capital’s most distinctive features, overriding the small local businesses, workshops, galleries, music venues as well as café’s that once were the symbol and hallmark of central Reykjavík.

Even though the puffin shops supposedly sell “authentic” Icelandic keepsakes and collectibles, most of the so-called “Iceland” branded products are also found in these shops. But nowadays, in reality, you will find mass-produced junk from China.

Right now, there are countless puffin shops in central Reykjavík but at the end, they all depend on the same handful of wholesalers and suppliers who are dominated in every step.

Even after selling the same crap in almost their every store located in Iceland, puffin shops are making billions every year and it will carry on as the numbers of visitors in Iceland are increasing.

If you really want to buy some authentic Icelandic memorabilia then you should head towards the Handknitting Association of Iceland, shopping in the gift shop in the National Museum or else you should go to the Kolaportið flea market.

What not to do in Iceland-

Buying Groceries

Well is obvious that you would like to have some stuff with you while traveling in Iceland on your rental cars such as snacks or any other food item or anything else which you might need in the middle.

You can find various small and large Groceries stores in Iceland but the 10-11 store is considered to be the most expensive stores in Iceland. Not only they are the most expensive grocery store in Iceland but they also raise their prices after hours as well as during weekends too. If you don’t want all or most of your money to spend just on Groceries, look out for grocery shopping somewhere else.

5 Worst Tourist Traps To Avoid In Iceland

Icelandic Candy

Icelandic Candy is most popular in Iceland, you can actually find these candies all over the place whether you are in the airport or any small or large store. The thing from which you should keep yourself away is buying these candies with English names such as Puffin eggs, lava sparks and so on as these candies are repacked and are sold in 4 to 5 times more than in any ordinary store.

Bottled Water

Iceland is a land of plentiful fresh water supply, even the quality of tap water in Iceland is pretty much outstanding. The quality of water in Iceland is very exceptional that you don’t have to buy any Bottled Water, you can drink water there in free of cost.

Paying for over-priced bottled water in Iceland is the same as buying sand for over-priced in the Sahara. So, make sure not to get into the trap of these Bottled Water claims as you can have fresh and clean water it is free of cost.


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