Best Attractions And Places To Visit In Finland

Best Attractions And Places To Visit In Finland: From the lively arts from cities of Helsinki and Turku to the depths of the boreal forests and the lightly populated outer archipelago, Finland remains a comparatively mysterious corner of Europe. It is mainly for the reason that it is far away from the mainstream tourist destinations because of which people don’t know enough about it.

Located right at the top of Europe, Finland is the beautiful Northern European nation bordering Sweden, Norway, and Russia. The place with diverse culture, great people, good food and amazing sightseen natural beauties and locations will surely win your heart.

The lakes, fells, rivers, as well as massive wild areas, along with the certainty of snow in the winter make it a Nordic playground for both winters as well as summer undertakings.

The country’s many cultural as well as historical attractions add to the unspoiled natural atmospheres in order to make it an ideal destination. Well, most of us are unaware about the place so, we are here to help you find out the top best attractions and places to visit in Finland.

Northern Lights

Sighting the Aurora Borealis in a clear night sky will always give you a breath-taking experience. In Lapland in northern Finland, the Northern Lights appear on nearly almost 200 nights a year.


The capital of Finland, Helsinki, is a must visit as visiting to this port city is always worthwhile for the reason of its amazing architecture and many restaurants and bars.

National parks

The National parks in Finland comprises of many wild animals such as bears, lynx and eagles that lives in the parks. You can also find a rare subspecies of freshwater seal that is the Saimaa ringed seal that lives in the national parks around Lake Saimaa.

Santa Claus Village

Finland is considered to be the home to Santa Claus so with the ice restaurants, husky and reindeer sleigh rides, an igloo hotel, and safaris as well as excursions, you can possibly wish for meeting the Santa personally and make your wish there.


Turku castle is considered to be one of the major attractions in Finland which was built in the 16-17th century, which at present is the home to the Turku Museum. This old town will offer you a great shopping centre, a remarkable Church, a beautiful market, and even a Swedish theatre.

Best Attractions And Places To Visit In Finland


Suomenlinna was built back in 18th century and it is a sea fortress which is now a UNESCO World Heritage site visited by locals as well as tourists every year. There is also a museum inside the fortress which is rich with Finland’s military history. This fortress is considered to be one of the most culturally noteworthy places to visit in Finland.

Sibelius Monument

The monument was formed to pay tribute and honor Jean Sibelius, who is nationally recognized as a great music composer, this monument is built with more than 600 hollow steel pipes that are coming together in order to form an organ. It is a splendid spectacle, turning over volumes on Finnish culture as well as its beautiful remarkable heritage.

If you are a history and art lover or else the culture enthusiasts you will definitely wish to know more about the Finnish folks and their heritage.


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