Best Winter Destinations in Europe

Winter was a great time to tour Europe. It was indeed mesmerising to experience Europe at that time. The weather was snowy and even rainy at times, but it was great enjoying those winter delicacies in the freezing winter. And of course, I was amazed at the great events of Christmas New year, carnivals, musicals and nightlife. I have put forward my list of the top 6 European countries you should definitely visit when the temperature falls:

Topmost winter destinations in Europe, the best time of my life

1 ) Norway – Discover Norway in a nutshell. Bergen has all the features of an idyllic Nordic Village. The colourful wooden buildings and the stellar view of the surrounding fjords are the highlights. In the winter months, you can enjoy the view of the northern lights at Tromso district of Norway. Enjoy the Oslo winter park with crusting slopes. It is the largest ski resort in Norway.

 Winter Destinations in Europe

2 ) Denmark – Denmark offers some of Europe’s most magical experience. Surrounded by the town of Skagen and its classic hotels, it’s a perfect spot to enjoy the winter. Enjoy the 1-hour canal cruise and soak up the stellar views of Copenhagen. Admire the landmarks such as Opera house, Amalienborg Palace, the Little Mermaid Statue and the colourful town and its lanes. The Tivoli gardens transform into an enhancing magical and glittering with snow crystals. It is indeed a wonderland in winters. Step into your skating shies and glide through Tivoli’s new skating rink with glee and joy.  

 Winter Destinations in Europe

3 ) Iceland – The name itself is exciting. Enjoy the black sand beach Reynisfjara. The Iceland black sand beach is a masterpiece of nature. It is one of the 21 most beautiful beaches in the world. Blue lagoon the first of its kind geothermal spa in Iceland. It is a must visit for nature lovers.   Enjoy the visual delight of Northern lights also called dancing lights in the night sky only at Iceland. Discover the golden circle, the most popular tourist route of Iceland. It covers almost 300 km looping from the Reykjavik to southern uplands of Iceland and back. This is an amazing and breath-taking view to enjoy the beauty of Iceland.

 Winter Destinations in Europe

4 ) Paris – Paris is a great idea in winter. The city of lights becomes even more dazzling in winter, with the addition of the Peninsula hotel’s Christmas market and museum which is worth the watch. It is enchanting and magical to have the opportunity to experience the spectacular view. Visit the largest theme park of the world, and discover the magical attractions at Disney land. It is every man’s dream to visit the Disneyland theme park in London. When in Paris do not forget to visit the greatest landmarks of the city- the Eiffel Tower. 

 Winter Destinations in Europe

5 ) London– There is no time like winters in London. It seems the most amazing planet on Earth. It always warms your heart in winters. The ice –skating, winter festivals, cosy cafes and the rooftop bars are surely hooked you to London. On the New Year’s enjoy the spectacular fireworks on the New Year’s Eve. It is indeed the best in the world. Also get to rub your shoulders with the top celebrities of the world only at Madame Tussauds- the biggest attraction of the world. Real like wax statues of celebrities stand stall to impress you.

 Winter Destinations in Europe

6 ) Finland– Discover Europe’s most sought-after secret gems Finland. It is a perfect location to have a vacation and visit the Santa Claus village. Enjoy the breath-taking northern lights which paint the sky beautiful.

 Winter Destinations in Europe

Visiting Europe in the winter months was an exceptional experience. The cities are at their charming best with white lights twinkling from every lamppost and the decorative Christmas and New Year set up, enchants you by the beauty. Travelling during winter is not only cheaper but not less than a fairy-tale like experience in the winter scenery.

Best Winter Destinations in Europe
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Best Winter Destinations in Europe
I was amazed at the great events of Christmas New year, carnivals, musicals and nightlife. I have put forward my list of the top 6 European countries you should definitely visit when the temperature falls:
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