Christmas Rejuvenation at Iceland

Winter is indeed a lovely time to visit Iceland. I visited during the Christmas Eve and it was lovely to be in Iceland, and get the glimpse of the traditional Christmas celebrations where the evenings dazzling with lights and show.

Time to rejuvenate the Christmas Eve

Christmas in Iceland is often called ‘Yole’ in Iceland. Is indeed an exciting place to be at Christmas. I enrolled and participated in exciting winter activities during Christmas and enjoyed tons in my Iceland tour. You should give these activities a must try when in Iceland to celebrate the Christmas Eve:

1- Skating

It is the classic Christmas activity in December. Ingolfstorg square is turned into a skating rink where one can rent skates and hop on a skating ride.

Christmas Iceland

2- Ride the Icelandic horse

The Icelandic horses are short and stout and nothing more fun than riding on these ponies over the icy plains, truly unique experience to have in Iceland.

Christmas Iceland

3- The Christmas market extravaganza

Nothing is better than strolling through the special Christmas market with a soul relaxing cup of hot chocolate in your hand and stopping by to enjoy the Christmas carols and entertainment being performed by local groups. You can even ride a horse-drawn carriage to get to the Christmas market. It is truly a marvelous Christmas celebration.

Christmas Iceland

4- The Adrenaline rushing buggy ride

If you want your adrenaline levels pumping and more action in your vacation then this is a must ride. It will give you gallons of a thrill as you get up the Icelandic nature up close through mountains and ford streams on a buggy.

Christmas Iceland

5- The fermented skate – a Christmas special dish

If you are in Iceland you should definitely try the fermented skate on 23rd December. It is a popular tradition to have this dish on the auspicious occasion of Christmas and make your Xmas feast tastier and larger.

Christmas Iceland

6- The new year’s eve explosion

It is right after Christmas, the new year is welcomed all over the world. If you are in Iceland do not forget to welcome New Year with a clean slate and burn away the old year like the Icelandic tradition. The peculiar, unique and grand bonfire and firecrackers show is a must see in Iceland.

Christmas Iceland

7- The northern lights

If you are in Iceland in winters, you cannot miss the northern lights. The Aurora borealis is a stunning visual which will really make the Iceland tour a memorable one like it did for me.

Christmas Iceland

8- Take the Christmas bath

Ever since the time of the Vikings, Icelanders have always taken undue advantage of the geothermal water for a hot bath. So, be ready to swim in a natural hot spring, a luxurious swimming pool after the dark underneath the starry sky. It is a lifetime experience to be soaking under hot spring in the chilly winter under the open beautiful starry nights

Christmas Iceland

Merry Christmas and New Year in Iceland is truly magical and a lifetime tour you should definitely take to enjoy the season.


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