Cultural Wonders of Norway

Norway is a country which is mainly known for its beautiful natural landscapes, like mountains and coastlines. But it also has a long and complex history that leads to a number of cultural attractions. Here I also enjoyed the great outdoor activities. I had taken a closer look at the most visited tourist attractions in the country. Given below is the detailed description of the cultural wonders of Norway which I experienced.

Gateway to the Cultural Wonders of Norway

1.) The first place I visited was the Floibanen Railway. It is the number 1 most visited cultural
attraction in Norway. It was opened in the year 1918 after 11 years of planning and
construction. This rail line is between Bergen City centre and Floyen Mountain. During my
visit, I took a train to the mountaintop and hiked its trails and also caught a beautiful view of
the city below.

Floibanen Railway

2.) My next stop was Holmenkollbakken and Ski Museum. Basically, Holmenkollbakken is a ski
jumping hill located in the Holmenkollbakken National Arena of Oslo. It is also a sit for ski
festivals. The area around the hill can hold up to 70,000 attendees. Along with this, I visited
the Holmenkollbakken Ski Museum which is located nearby. It gave me a look at the history
of skiing and worked as a simulator of jumping the Holmenkollbakken. It is the 2nd most
visited cultural wonder in Norway.

Holmenkollbakken and Ski Museum

3.) After this, I visited a place named Bryggen. It is a coastal dock which is located on the eastern
side of the Vagen harbour in the city of Bergen. From the history of the place, I got to know
that the buildings were designed in a Hanseatic Architectural style used by the Hanseatic
Merchants of the Hanseatic Era. It was established in the year 1070. In the year 1979, this
place became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This place preserves one of the oldest trading
ports of Northern Europe.


4.) The next stop was something very interesting. It was the Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement
Park. This was established in the year 1966 and covered an area of 150 acres. I saw different
animals and also a number of other attractions like Cardamom Town, Captain Sabertooth world
and the port of Abra pirate village. This place had a haunted house and a variety of other
shops and several hotels.

Kristiansand Zoo

5.) Hadeland Glassverk was my next visit. It was an industrial site of glass works. It was founded
in 1762 and was one of the oldest continuously operating industrial company in the country. It
produced glass bottles, medicine bottles, and jars for the chemist. Later on, it was restricted to
produce cups, plates, vase, and bowls. The most interesting part about this place was that I got
to make my own pieces of glass.

Hadeland Glassverk

6.) Fredrikstad Fortress, Old town of Fredrikstad was built between 1663 and 1666. It is the
oldest building in Fredrikstad that I visited. It is the most well-preserved military fortress in
the country today. I learned about the history and its architectural style. I also viewed the art
exhibits which were displayed within.

Fredrikstad Fortress

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