How Much Does It Cost For An Indian To Travel Europe?

How Much Does It Cost For An Indian To Travel Europe: Well, going to Europe for vacations is kind of a task because you have to plan the whole thing and most of the times, money gets in the way. It is impossible to travel all of Europe, even if your budget level is hitting the roof. So, it is better to make an itinerary or to make plans according to the budget or you could lose a pretty good amount of money from your wallet.

Traveling to Europe has its own advantage as you will get a Schengen visa and boom! There you are traveling 26 countries with that single visa. So, the first thing that you do is to get the Schengen visa. Here are some of the documents that you need to submit to grab your 26 countries visa. (Europe DMC).

  • You must have flight ticket bookings.
  • You must have accommodation bookings.
  • You should have a Euro rail pass in case you are planning to travel to multiple countries.
  • Bank account statement with a good enough balance to cover your expenses in Europe.
  • Travel Insurance.

The best you could do is to plan a trip for 24 days as it will give you more time to adventure most of Europe.  So, the whole trip to Europe could cost you about 1.5 Lacs to 2 Lacs. Here is the whole list that will help you understand the charges/fee of everything for the trip to go successful.

  1. Visa – The Schengen visa costs about €60 for every adult or child. If you convert 60 Euro to Indian Rupee then it will be between 4,000 INR to 6,000 INR. The rate of INR keeps changing due to inflation in prices.
  2. Airplane Tickets – These could cost you minimum about INR 50,000. You can take a flight for Europe from different places in India.
  3. Travel Insurance – It can cost you around Rs 2000 to Rs 3,000
  4. Euro Rail – You must have your Euro Rail pass and train tickets as these will save your money for traveling in Europe. Euro Rail is connected to different countries in Europe. The pass could cost you around Rs 16,000 and the train tickets could be around RS 10,000
  5. Basic Necessities – The basic necessities for everyone are food and accommodation. So, the food could cost you around 10,000 to 15,000 INR in Europe for 1 month and talking about the accommodation, you can stay at the hostels that are very cheaper than any other accommodation. Still, if you carry the maximum for accommodation then it could cost you around 40,000 to 50,000 INR.
  6. Sightseeing and Misc – Take 10,000 INR as assumed sightseeing charge and rest 5,000 to 10,000 INR for other stuff like shopping, boating, etc.

So, if you tally the total amount then it falls between 1.5 Lac to 2 Lacs. Making this trip cheaper is in your hands. You can cut the cost wherever you want. If you want to cut the cost of accommodation then you could carry a tent with you. If you want to cut the cost on the food then pack some food such as pulses, rice, etc. from home. You could easily avoid shopping from the expensive stores as there are many local shops nearby where you can get everything you want.


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