How To Plan A 10-Day-Trip From India To Europe?

If you are going to Europe from India so I would prefer you to go to the other half of the year because if you visit Europe during September-October, you can attend the Oktoberfest.

Where are the least expensive places to stay while attending Oktoberfest in Munich?

First, you need to decide about the countries that you are wishing to visit as a tourist. If you want to visit several countries in Europe then you need to take a Schengen Visa which will let you visit 25 countries with one visa.

How To Plan A 10-Day-Trip From India To Europe?

Many flights in Europe are much cheaper than India if you find the right ones. So, if you don’t want to waste any time in traveling then try traveling to the countries that are close by. So, you don’t need anything to worry about, you just need to verify that you have your permit through visa.

If you want to pick the countries that you want to visit then you can get some help by clicking on our website. It will help you to find out ideal places to visit in Europe.

  • Flight

First, you need to pick a start and end point of your trip so that you can book your flight tickets easily according to that. If you are thinking of booking the return flight after the trip from the same country then it could be expensive than usual.

  • Internal Travel

In Europe, the trains are connected very well and are pretty faster than Indian trains. So, you can travel to Europe through railways.

You can also travel through buses in Europe and it is an economical method of travel. Hence, it will save your huge amount of money in traveling Europe. There are some bus travels or networks that give you International Tours and are cheap and have a higher frequency than trains or flights.

  • Accommodations

If you want to have a cheap stay in Europe then you must go for the hostels as they provide the cheapest accommodations in entire Europe. You can view packages and services on If you want to book the hostel from India only then you could just email the hostels directly. Hostels are very low budget accommodations that do their best to make your stay comfortable.

How To Plan A 10-Day-Trip From India To Europe

If you book hostels online then you only have to pay booking fee online rest you have to pay when you reach there. So, this online booking system makes the cancellation very easy. Hostels are also supportive as when you arrive at any hostel, they give you a welcome kit that contains a map with important places marked, tonnes of brochures for nearby activities and tours which is all you need during your stay.

So, if you have started booking the hostel then you must keep one point in mind that the hostel you book must be near to the location where you want to visit. There is no point in booking a hostel far away from the place as it will increase your traveling expense and you will lose most of your time in traveling.


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