What to Pack for Iceland in Winter; Iceland Packing List

What to Pack for Iceland in Winter; Iceland Packing List: Iceland, an amazing Nordic island nation, which is defined by its intense landscape with volcanoes, geysers, hot springs and lava fields is popularly known as the land of fire and ice. This place is not only for those who seek for thrill adventurers, but also for the nature lovers who are looking out for something different.

Vacations in Iceland will be the best trip that you can ever have in your lifetime. Summer is the most popular season for the travellers in Iceland because of the nice weather and the outdoor activities which are always open in the summer. Iceland has always been a perfect vacation spot during summer especially in the month of July. In July the temperature is little high so there is warm weather surrounding you.

What to pack for Iceland in Winter-

Packing for any trip somehow always stress out everyone. Packing for an active vacation in Iceland is not simple as it seems to be. You must be aware about the weather condition, current climate, places you are going to visit and then you have to plan accordingly for your bag packing, so everyone would like to pack light, on the other hand yet to be ready for all types of weather.

Here is the list of stuffs that you should carry to Iceland on your vacation, so let’s get started…

Iceland Packing List-


Layers of t-shirts and sweaters

The best way to travel light along with being prepared for all kinds of climate is to layer your clothes. Pack your t-shirts, a number of light tops with long sleeves and a light fleece jacket as well as a warm fleece hoodie. If you want you can also took a few shirts/blouses to wear at dinner.

Jeans, shorts, jagging and hiking pants

Depending on what you have planned to do in Iceland such as visiting places or doing outdoor activities such as hiking, you should pack some comfortable pants or jeans for the planned activities. You can pack the casual pants, jeans, jagging and hiking pants as per to your comfort level.

Good Quality Jacket

You must need a good quality jacket specially if you are travelling in winters. But still no matter when you visit Iceland, the temperature always seems to be pretty cold for the visitors so you don’t want to struck in a cold weather out there, so it would be better to pack a good quality jacket for you.


Well, Iceland is also famous for its famous luxury beaches that you don’t want to miss out, so it’s pretty obvious that you have to carry a swimwear with you.

Sneakers and waterproof hiking shoes

If you are planning for sightseeing in Iceland then the light sneakers or walking shoes will be the best choice for you. But, if you are planning to hike then you must pack your best hiking boots, also take note that the mountains for hiking in Iceland are mostly wet so it will be best for you if you bring your waterproof hiking boot.

Rain jacket

This seems to be totally unwanted but trust me sometimes you will see the sky bright and shiny and the next thing you will see in a few minutes is the completely unexpected rain and in no time you can get soaking wet. So make sure to pack one of these.



Sunscreen lotion

Sunscreen lotion is must no matter wherever you are travelling and whatever the season is cause the rays of the sun can be really harsh for your skin. So a good sunscreen lotion with high SPF factor is a must.

Beanie And Socks

Well, you don’t want to get caught up in cold so it’s better to pack warm Beanie and Socks so that it will keep you warm in the cold weather out there.

Scarf And Gloves

Another good stuff to keep you warm are Scarf and Gloves, just make sure you would not forget these ones.

Water Bottle

A water bottle is a must to carry whenever you are travelling or are outdoors. You must keep your body hydrated because of which you can enjoy the trip effortlessly and will be hydrated all around your trip.

Camera gear

Unless if you are not using your smartphone for pictures, don’t forget your camera together with additional batteries, memory cards and other camera gears.

Portable charger

Well, again it’s obvious that you are travelling so you can’t charge your phone especially at the time of camping or hiking or visiting to any faraway places in Iceland. So, a portable charger is a real must-have travel essential.


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