7 best cheap things to do in Reykjavik

7 best cheap things to do in Reykjavik: Reykjavik is the world’s northernmost capital and is now the hotspot for travellers all around the world. It is surrounded by magnificent landscapes and amazing restaurants, cafes, bars, lounges, boutiques, etc. It is composed of vibrant streets of booming culture and is a host of affordable travel options. Many things are expensive in Reykjavik but here is guide to many things that you can do without paying lot of money. Best things to do in Reykjavik in Summers.

Surrounded by magnificent landscapes and composed of vibrant streets of booming culture, the world’s northernmost capital is home to a host of affordable travel options that promise to delight. Whether you are a first-time visitor or a seasoned Reykjavík enthusiast, you’d be well advised to make use of our list of some of the best cheap and free things to enjoy in and around Reykjavík.

  • Geothermal Pools

You can go swimming in the Geothermal Pools in Reykjavik. Swimming is one of the most important things to do in Iceland. Reykjavik is rich in the production of geothermal energy. Therefore, you can go swimming outdoors in any of the geothermal pool you want.

  • Mount Esja

Mount Esja is a volcanic mountain that is 914 metres above sea level. It is made of basalt and tuff-stone. You could go hiking in this mountain or could ride a bicycle. You will find many astonishing views through the Mount Esja.

  • Chill at the Beach

You could go and visit Nautholsvík beach. It is one of the most popular resorts in Reykjavik. Its temperature allows swimming at the sea. You don’t have to pay anything to get here. You can come here for sunbathing, swimming, volley ball and play other sea sports without any cost. You just need to look out for the timing because opening timings vary season to season.

  • Go Partying in Reykjavik

Nightlife in Reykjavik in the term of money is moderate. It is not neither too expensive nor too cheap. You could meet many Icelandic people and may get invited to the after parties.

  • Visit a Free Museum

You could go to the sculpture garden of The Einar Jónsson Art Museum. It is situated right beside Hallgrímskirkja church. You can go and have a picnic there alone or with friends. After a visit, you would be able to know about the sculptures and many examples of art history of Iceland. There is no admission or entrance fee for the garden.

  • The Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun

Reykjavik is located at the extreme northern hemisphere of the Earth that is why you could see sun the whole night. This phenomenon only occurs the week before and after the summer equinox on June 21st. You could also watch the aurora borealis dancing above your head. These are amazing lines in the sky that you could only see in Europe.

  • Watch a Panorama of Reykjavik

7 best cheap things to do in Reykjavik

You could go to the Hallgrímskirkja church where you will find the sixth tallest architectural structure in Iceland. You could climb up the tower and can enjoy a panoramic view of the entire Reykjavik.

There is another spot where you can have a panoramic view of the place. You could go to the Perlan that is situated at Öskjuhlið hill. You could have a great view of the area creating an amazing landscape.

So, these were all the cheapest things that you could do in Reykjavik without losing any money. You can enjoy all these things without paying any charge and you will find all these things amazing and worth your time.


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