Plan Your 10-Days Trip To Europe From India

If you are planning to go to Europe from India for 10 days so I would prefer that you go at the other half of the year. It is because if you go to Europe during September-October, you can attend the Oktoberfest.

Well, for visiting Europe first you need to decide the countries that you are wishing to visit as a tourist. There is a visa known as Schengen Visa that lets you visit several countries in Europe. You can visit about 25 countries with one visa.

You need to book a flight for Europe from India and many flights are cheaper on both sides if you are able to find right ones. One more thing that would help you travel faster is that you must try travelling to the countries that are close by instead of travelling to far countries.


If you want an itinerary for you trip and want to choose a starting point of your trip then you could click on to our website. You could find many countries according to your wishes that you can start with.

  • Flight

Firs you need to confirm the country that you are planning to visit first. Then, try booking the tickets of flight well in advance so that you could get the cheapest flight available for that particular time in which you will visit Europe. Also, try booking the return flight at the same time because you will get cheaper ticket. If you are thinking of booking flight at the end moment then it could ruin your budget.

  • Internal Travel

You could travel Europe through public transports. Avoid using personal cabs, boats, etc. Try taking buses, trains, etc. In Europe, there is an advantage for railway travellers.  EuroRails in Europe are connected to every European country. You can travel Europe internally through trains.

  • Accommodations

Everyone wants a better and cheap stay for them to handle the expense in their budget. People often do mistake by taking rooms in expensive hotels and loose most of their money in their accommodation. If you want to save your cost and also want accommodation with best available services then try booking hostels. You can view hostels through Booking a hostel is very easy; just send a mail to the hostel owner. For booking the hostel you only need to pay the booking fee and rest you could pay when you reach at the hostel. Cancellation of hostel is also very easy. You could cancel your booked hostel in no time. If you want to cut the cost of hostel also then try taking a tent with you. Get a camping pass in Europe and pull out your camp at authorized campsites.

One point must always be kept in mind that all the accommodations that you are availing should be near to the place that you want to visit. If you get an accommodation far away from the location then it would cost you money in travelling here and there.

  • Food

You can easily find food in every corner of Europe. You will find many street vendors where you could have your meal at the cheapest prices. Avoid going to expensive hotels and grab your meal at the street corners or local restaurants.

All these things would help you in your 10 days trip to Europe from India. You must carry extra money with you because there are entrance fee for many museums and sites in Europe.


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