Adventure Activities in Norway

Adventure is something most of the love. In the same way, Norway people have a deep love for adventure
and outdoor activities. So to explore this I visited Norway. I found out from the local people about the
activities they do. So even I got to try those. I can just say that my experience was magical. One
should gear on and prepare for these adventure activities. Given below there is some information on
these outdoor and fun activities.

Gateway to the best adventure sports in Norway

1. Hiking Trolltunga:

There are many mountains to hike in Norway but the best one is the
Trolltunga. It means that the cliff is hanging out of a rock formation above the sea level at a
height of 2297 feet. I too climbed up and enjoyed the stunning view of Lake Ringedalsvatnet
and the surrounding mountain. The round trip is of 22 km and it took 11 hours to complete. It
was a physically challenging hike but it was breath-taking. The temperature shift was a
problem but wearing warm clothes, proper shoes and carrying a map really helped me a lot.
People should go around mid-June to mid-September.

2. Summer Skiing in Stryn:

Norway is the best place for skiing. This sport originated from this
country. I had to wear heavy clothes and it was too cold but I enjoyed skiing. There are many
areas for this sport but Stryn has the best slopes and tracks. Summer skiing season usually
starts from the late May and ends around late July or early August.

3. Dog Sledding:

This sport is very popular in Northern Norway. I had got a few minutes of
instruction by the experienced Dog-Sledder and I was able to do it myself. I went along snow-covered
the landscape of rock formations, forests and many more. With other organizers, I also
visited to see the Northern Lights. The best time for these lights was from mid-November to
April. There different types of dog shed adventures available.

4. Wildlife Safaris:

This country has many unique species of animals and birds although it’s a
cold country. Norway has different regions and they are the natural habitat for giant king
crabs, whales, arctic foxes, musk oxen, and many others. My safari experience was great. I got
to see the scenery of the Norwegian landscape and the amazing animals. People could dive
into the water to catch the giant king crabs at Finnmark, to see the musk oxen at Dovrejfell
Mountains and whales in Andenes along the Vesteralen coast. I was lucky to see the
endangered Arctic Fox.

5. Conquer the Snowmobile tracks:

Snowmobile or snow-scooters are very famous in
Norway. I tried this sport and enjoyed the beautiful vistas. It was mesmerizing to see Northern
Lights on a snow scooter. I explored the huge network of trails. Before having a ride on snow-
scooter I had to follow some basic instructions and also learned a few things. I captured the snow
and beauty in my camera. But one has to follow many rules before trying this sport. One
needs to plan to rent and then ride a snowmobile in Norway.

6. White-Water Rafting:

Norway has many fast-flowing rivers. So White-water rafting is a
must do activity for all. The Sjoa River is very famous for this thrilling adventure sport in
Norway. For safety purpose, people should get themselves trained for a day or two before the
actual adventure. There are various courses of different difficulty available. People should
also check the age restrictions and they should know their degree of stamina before

7. Kayaking the Fjords:

Norway has beautiful fjords, rivers, and waterways. It is perfect for
Kayaking and this activity are very popular among tourists and local people. It is a fun and
relaxing activity. There are many guided kayaking tours available. Fjord Norway is made for
kayaking. I got to see small islands, reefs, and islets. I had a different experience out here. One
can go for a short holiday or weekend trips or mini adventure. This is something which
nobody should miss.

Overall I can say that it was a totally different experience. Each adventure had something unique
about itself. If someone is an adventure person then they should not miss these out.


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