Bucket List: 7 of the Best Outdoor Adventures in Norway

Norway is a small country. It is a very special relationship with nature. Every weekend people come here
for outdoor sports. Norway has rugged landscape and is known for its UNESCO World Heritage-
listed fjords. There are high plateaus, mountain peaks, lakes, and glaciers. There is much nature-
based activities. To full-fill my wishes I too went to Norway to experience the 8 best outdoor
adventures. While trying these out I felt very close to nature and its beauty. It was totally a different
feeling. Now given below is a list of these 8 outdoor adventures.

A glimpse of the 8 outdoor adventures in Norway

1. Ice-Climb the Rjukan Valley

This is the best place in the Northern part of Europe for ice-
climbing. There are more than 150 waterfalls that freeze and stays frozen during the winter
months because of the valley’s depth and climate. There are routes available for beginners
and for advanced climbers. Some routes are challenging. Routes can be reached from roadside
car parks which are within less than 15-minute walk. There are Rjukan Ice festivals celebrated
too. I was lucky to be a part of this festival. This festival brings branded climbers from all
over the world to a tiny village of Rjukan.

2. The Jotunheimen Traverse

People who are interested in a multi-day hike then this is a
beautiful landscape and shouldn’t be missed. This traverse is a part of the Jotunheimen
mountain range. This is a four day transverse. I hiked through Gjendesheim to Turtagro. I
took in the famous Besseggen Ridge. The conditions for this is not great. It will give a wet,
cold and windy experience. The length of this transverse is 94 km. There is public transport
access. Sleeping on trails is available. One should take all the supplies from the town. The
best time for this hike is from late June to early September.

3. Kayak the Folgefonna Glacier

In the spring and summer time, this glacier has a vibrant look. It
seems like a fairytale landscape of blue lakes, streams, and rivers between the ice and snow-
capped mountains. People can travel by paddling to one of these freezing cold glacial lakes,
dodging icebergs on the way and reaching the glacier. The location is surreal and I took
amazing photographs. This is a unique adventure to the arctic regions of the world. The tours
take 6-8 hours. The tours are restricted to a number of people.

4. Hike Pulpit Rock

This Pulpit rock hiking is very famous in the country. There are more than
300,000 visitors to take this hike every year. It is known as the easiest hikes in Norway. I too
experienced it and I can say that anyone can easily do it. People can get perfect Instagram
pictures out here. The rocks are slippery and wet. It juts out 600 meters above the Lysefjord
fjord. I had a breath-taking experience. The length of this hike is about 6 km and takes 4
hours. There are a car and public transport facility.

5. Snowmobile Svalbard

This is a beautiful Fjord and it has snow-capped peaks and huge
glaciers. This expedition was full of fun for me. It was too peaceful and such silence is
worth it. One can hear the crunching of snow through the snowmobile engine. Svalbard has
all kinds of arctic wildlife. The maximum animal seen here is a polar bear. There are different

trips available like a full-day trip to multi-day trip. I had to dress in layers to keep myself
protected. I had carried a backpack and extra clothes for my comfort.

6. The Famous Kjeragbolten

This place is featured in every list of the best “Death-Defying
tourist attraction”. Kjeragbolten is a 5-meter cube boulder that sat wedged in a crevasse at an
edge of Kjerag Mountain. It is over there for over 50,000 years. It is a very popular tourist
attraction. I visited this place and took great pictures but I was also careful about the height. It
is a steep and long climb. The boulders are an only major attraction. It is a challenging hike
which everyone should know. The length of it is 12km and it takes 6-8hours. The best time
for this place is between June and September.

7. Reindeer sledding in the far North

Sledding is the oldest form of transport in Norway. I
hired a guide who explained the history of reindeer sledding and their lives as herders. Now
only 5,000 Sami are reindeer herders. This is a much lighter adventure and is suitable for all
the ages and abilities. There are single day tours available but I took an overnight sledding
adventure where I got to sleep in a traditional Sami tent called Lavvu. One should try this
between November to March when the snow is falling and one gets to see the Northern
Overall I had a great time trying all these outdoor sports. All the adventurous people should not miss
these out. These things helped me to learn a lot about myself and strengths. Those who are not
adventurous should also try these sports. It might actually prove to be a life-changing experience.


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