When Is The Best Time To Visit Lapland, Finland?

Best Time To Visit Lapland, Finland: Lapland is also known as Lappi Province. It is the largest and northernmost province of Finland. The weather of Lapland is cold and snowy. In Lapland, there are a huge amount of conifer trees found such as pines, spruces, etc. Snow and Conifers are associated with Christmas and so Lapland is. During Christmas, people come from different places to Lapland to celebrate their Christmas and holidays.

Best time to visit Lapland

Well, the best time to visit Lapland is between November and March because at that time the entire area is covered within the white snow. During winter months, Lapland’s landscapes are blanketed with the thickest coat of snow and that is the best time to enjoy Christmas holidays. In Lapland, Christmas is celebrated at its best. If you have any fantasy to meet Santa Claus then this is the exact place where you will find Santa Clause riding over the sleigh.

Lapland is a wonderland that is situated in the Arctic Circle. It is a place that will give you long lasting memories that will stay forever. You can meet Santa Claus and can also ride the snowmobile. There are pretty good chances that you will get to see the mysterious Northern Lights known as “Aurora”.

Best time to find Santa

The best time during which you can find Santa is winters. If you are with your family, then you must take your kids to see Santa Claus and his elves. Kids will love to play with them and the fun does not stop here. Kids can have activities such as craft making, cookie making and decorating with Mrs. Claus. If you are at Lapland with your friends then you can have outdoor activities such as quad biking. If you are staying over for Christmas, then look up for Santa’s Secret Grotto Day Trip. On that trip, you will get the chance to see reindeers and will also get opportunities to meet huskies. You can also play with the Huskies as they are very friendly and adorable. In that trip, you will visit Santa’s underground grotto and enrolling in elf school. It’s kind of fun trip that you can’t miss.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Lapland, Finland?

Best time to see the Northern Lights

It is best to travel or visit Lapland during the winters as at that time you can easily see the Northern Lights. These elusive Northern Lights are also known as Aurora and are so unordinary to watch. You can’t miss the sight of these natural lights as it seems coming from heaven. You can see the Northern Lights in Lapland after 3 PM. During winters in Lapland, darkness falls early so you do not need to worry to additionally wake up to see the lights. You will get plenty of time to watch the lights. The best you could do is to plan a trip for 3-4 nights so that you can easily wait for the perfect time and could go out on a snowmobile to get to the perfect spot in the forest. If you don’t want to wander in the forest then you can easily see the 3D screening of the Northern Lights at the Arktikum science museum.

Outdoor fun in the snow

The snow falls during the months of October to May. So, it doesn’t matter with whom you are going. Whether you are with family or friends, the outdoor fun will remain constant. You can go out on skiing, snowmobiling, sleigh rides, etc. You can play with snowballs wherever you want and there is no limit to the outdoor fun.


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