5 Top Most Beautiful Waterfall In Norway

5 Top Most Beautiful Waterfall In Norway: Norway is home to several amazing waterfalls out of which nine are among the 20 highest waterfalls in the whole world. Waterfall in Norway is also considered to be one of the best places to visit the beautiful nature. Best Places in Southern Norway.

Norway Waterfalls-

Here we have arranged the list of top most beautiful Waterfall in Norway, so let’s get started… Best Places to Visit in Norway

The Seven Sisters

Norway’s most popular fjord is also the home to its most famed waterfall, the Seven Sisters (De syv søstrene). As its name implies, this waterfall actually has seven different streams of water falling down the steep side of the Geirangerfjord. The water falls from a great height of 410 meters and comprises of a free-fall of up to 250 meters on its way down to the fjord.


Kjosfossen is one of the best tourist attractions as the world-famous Flåm railway on its way stops at this splendid waterfall. Even though its merely 225 meters high but the waterfall is wide as well as strong for much of the year. Talking about its power, you can imagine its strength by knowing this that a small hydropower station at Kjosfossen actually helps to run the Flåm railway.

In high season, the visitors are also treated with a beautiful performance from a Huldra. The Huldra is mainly a seductive forest being from Norse mythology and it is said to use the power of song in order to lure men to their fate. Best Places to visit in Oslo.

Best Waterfall In Norway


It is not just a waterfall but is a national symbol that has attracted so many tourists to the area from the way back in the late 19th century. Vøringsfossen is basically a 182-meter high waterfall located nearby Eidfjord.

In spite of its remote looking location, the view is less than one mile on foot from the parking lot which is basically positioned at the side of the road. Because of the snowfall, the walking season is comparatively short here and mostly operates from around mid-May to mid-October.


The most amazing and remarkable thing about Steinsdalsfossen is that the visitors can walk up to as well as right behind the falling water. However, the waterfall is merely 46 meters high, but it is considered to be one of Norway’s most popular attractions.

Not only in Norway but its fame has spread outside the nation. It is also said that Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany used to visit Steinsdalsfossen almost every single summer in the middle of the years 1889 and 1914. Norway is a Safe Country?


Just a few miles north of Voss, you are going to find this beautiful 110-meter high Tvindefossen, where the water of the Kroelvi river falls over a cliff a well as pours down the rocks creating one of Norway’s most striking waterfalls.

It is basically the most popular hiking destination for visitors to Voss as regardless of its outward size, it’s properly straightforward to walk up to the top for a completely diverse viewpoint. In addition to that, you can also get the bonus of a second waterfall that you will find along the way.


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