Top Best Attractions of Southern Norway: A Place You Must Visit!

Top Best Attractions of Southern Norway; A Place You Must Visit, What to do in Southern Norway? A fun activity to do in Southern Norway: will give you an amazing experience to explore Norwegian culture with hiking, skiing, fishing, museums as well as marvelous events. The southernmost part of Norway is also known for the wonderful coastline with boating along with several bathing opportunities.

Here is the list of top best attractions of Southern Norway so that you would not miss any of the best experience due to less time or lack of information regarding the place.

Lindesnes Lighthouse

Lindesnes Lighthouse is a “must-visit” and is sited at the southernmost point in Norway, 2,518 kilometers from the North Cape. You can visit this amazing lighthouse in all kinds of weather or seasons. This oldest lighthouse of Norway was first ever lit in the year 1655 and till date, it is still in use.

In the present date, it houses a museum where you can get a glimpse into the long maritime history of the area. You will also find a café on site along with a gift shop. The cafe which sells local specialties cooked or baked with sea water.


Flekkefjord is situated in the midway between Kristiansand and Stavanger and with merely 1.5 hours’ drive to both of the cities. Flekkefjord is full of white wooden houses like most southern cities and it seems very great in all together. Particularly the attention-grabber is the Hollenderbyen (Holland City) district where these houses push one another in the narrow paved streets. Hollenderbyen gets its name for the reason of the extensive trade with Holland in the year 1500 and 1600s.

Kilden Performing Arts Centre

Kilden Performing Arts Centre located in Kristiansand is the most important cultural center for music, theatre as well as opera in Southern Norway.

Kilden’s architecture has also been met with international recognition and it houses a symphony orchestra, a theatre, opera as well as a cultural organization which is purely devoted to popular music.


Sørlandet is popularly known as Norwegian Riviera and is considered to be the number one summer holiday destination. Fishing is great along the full coast. Here you can rent a boat and can drift lazily along the Norwegian Riviera, tie-up on any out of sight island for a picnic, sunbathing, swimming, or visiting historic sites such as Lyngør or Merdø.

Railway biking in Flekkefjord

You are in the Southern part of Norway then you must explore the Flekkefjord railway line. It offers spectacular nature scenes to the visitors for a great day out. It is completely suitable for the whole family, where you can also take your young children. The daily tours are arranged for the duration of the summer months. This tour combines the amazing nature experience along with a mesmerizing architectural vision into the creating of this seventeen-kilometer long rail track.

Top Best Attractions of Southern Norway


Kvinesdal is situated within a two-hour drive from Kristiansand. The town center is in a valley which is enclosed and bordered by mountains as well a river leading to a fjord. Even though the town is small but on the other hand it still provides several remarkable hiking possibilities.

The top five hiking trails in Kvinesdal as per to the local tourist office are as follows: Sandheia (6-14 km), Falk Fjellstøl (14 km return trip), Barnevandrer path Årli (13 km return) and Varden on Hamreheia (4 km) as well as Turer i Rørvikheia (2 km return).


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