Polar Explorer Icebreaker Cruise in Lapland & Finland!

Polar Explorer Icebreaker Cruise in Lapland & Finland: Polar Explorer Icebreaker is one of the top best things that you can ever experience in your lifetime. It is basically 3-4 hours cruise ride in the frozen water in Finland. For the period of these exploring hours you are going to spectate an enormous ice breaking power of the vessel, making its way through the solid frozen sea.

Well, that’s not the only thing that you are going to spectate, other than just spectating you can also get the opportunity to walk on the grand frozen sea along with swimming in the dark icy water in flotation survival suit.

Polar Explorer Icebreaker-

The tour is also accessible on various different languages through audio guide application as well as it will also comprise of 11 min movie in icebreaker cinema about icebreakers all over the world. If you want you can relax in the cozy saloon or else you can also enjoy warm juice or go for walk on the frozen sea ice for the duration of the stop.

Everyone on the board is definitely going to feel and enjoy the glory of the vessel along with enjoying the atmospheric beauty around yourself.

Well, not only the Polar Explorer Icebreaker will give you the best experience but also the bus journey towards the icebreaker will be also an unforgettable experience where you can enjoy the natural beautiful surrounding.

After few hours of road trip you are going to reach to the harbour where your Icebreaker cruise will be waiting for you to give you an amazing ride that you have never experienced in your lifetime.

Icebreaker Cruise in Lapland & Finland-

When you are on board and the ship will start, you will witness the great power of the vessel and you will surely going to enjoy it.

After one or two hours of ride, the ship will stop in the middle of the frozen sea and it will be your time to explore and walk on the frozen sea. Don’t worry, the crew member will make sure at first that the ice is think enough for the travellers to move around. And also the thickness of the ice is mostly six to eight inches which is quite sturdy enough to take on a good amount of weight.

You will never imagine the scenic view and the surrounding where the sea will look like a playground where you can roam around, click several photos and if you are with you children you can also run and play with them at there.

Polar Explorer Icebreaker Cruise in Lapland & Finland!

If you feel that this is amazing then think about the next part of the trip where you can swim in the icy pool made by icebreaker and here every visitor can take a swim in the flotation survival suit which is provided by the crew member. These suits will not only keep you dry but will also make you feel warm. These suits will also help you to float in the sea water effortlessly so that you can relax and enjoy the moment.

While returning, you can go to various decks in the ship in order to capture the spectacular view from several different angles. Well, this once in a lifetime experience is something that you will never forget.


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