Top Best Places to See in the Baltic States: Travel with TKWSDMC on Budget!

Popularly known as Baltic countries, Baltic republics, Baltic nations or simply Baltic, a group of three sovereign states in Northern Europe is one of the best places to spend your vacations. The group of these three sovereign states (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania) is located in the cost of the Baltic Sea. The place has much to offer within its culture areas and diversity.

Top Best Places to See in the Baltic States: Travel with TKWSDMC on Budget!

Best Places to See in the Baltic States-

It is a beautiful land of crumbling castles, elevated dunes, fascinating forests, and magical lakes, it’s a trip that will make you feel like a fairy tale comes true. So, let’s find out what are the top Best Places to see in the Baltic States.

Vilnius, Lithuania

This beautiful capital houses the Old Town which being conserved by UNESCO. There are being several different hills, from where astonishing sights to the city open. The town is also crowned with Gediminas Tower which is considered to be the precious jewel from the Medieval times. You can’t get enough of the architectural landmarks, cultural venues, restaurants, bars as well as cafes which are going to provide the spots and entertainment that you have been looking for.


The Hill of Crosses, Lithuania

This sacred pilgrimage site comprises of a mysterious and fascinating per to the belief, the custom to leave the crosses on the hill began back in the year 1831 Uprising. Now, in the meantime, it features hundreds and thousands of crosses as well as rosaries, left by the pilgrims and the visitors. Though, the Hill of Crosses is very unusual but at the same time it is very unique and that’s why it is a popular attraction for visitors as well as locals.


Jurmala, Latvia

The most prettiest attraction in all the three states id its ice blue water of the Baltic Sea, which most of the visitors. Jurmala is basically a resort town which offers several entertainment as well as accommodation that can be found in town. On the other hand, the unspoiled nature is the main attraction there.


Narva Castle, Estonia

Narva Castle was founded in the year 1256 by the Danes, which was then later purchased by the German Livonian Teutonic knights order. The castle is so much remarkable not only just for its construction but also to well preserve one of the most impressive defense castle in the country. The castle is a witness to the unrestrained historic events.


Cesis, Latvia

This Medieval town is very much famous for its castle, that has been built by the Livonian Brothers of the Sword in the early 13th century. Nowadays, the ruins of it is the key attraction besides the some of other architectural landmarks. On the other hand Cesis is also is home to the oldest brewery in Latvia and therefore it welcomes the visitors to try their wonderful fresh beer.


 Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn is the best place to explore the historic churches, cobblestone streets, palaces, museums as well as galleries. It’s like a cultural world where you can find everything all in one. Though it is a small capital, but on the other hand, it is packed with beautiful sightseeing which is also easy to navigate.


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