Top 13 Safest Holiday Destinations in Europe

The French Travel Agency flashes out the new analysis about the safest holiday destinations in Europe. According to the FTA, Norway, Switzerland, and Slovenia are the safest destinations for the holidays in Europe. 

Twenty-seven European nations plus UK ranked based on their five criteria: 

  1. Health
  2. Robberies 
  3. road deaths
  4. Security in terms of overall crime rates, terrorism, and no. of police officers in the particular country. 
  5. intentional homicides
  6. Rankings are categorized based on different data sources like EuroHealth Consumer Index and Global Peace Index 2021. 

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Due to its lesser numbers of deaths, securities, and murders, Norway gets the top position in the table. Switzerland has the world’s best healthcare system; it gets the second rank in the list of the safest holiday destinations in Europe. With low numbers in murders and robberies, Slovenia surprised everyone by being ranked at number three. Slovenia has a good security record. However, the UK got the thirteen position in the overall rankings with 28 road deaths per million inhabitants and is only left behind Norway and Switzerland in road safety. 

List of safest holiday destinations in Europe:

Norway: Compared to other countries in Europe, Norway is one of the safest holiday destinations in Europe. It is the safest country in the world in terms of crime rate and robbery. The best things Norway is known for are Fjords, Lofoten Islands, Norwegian salmon, Norwegian heart-shaped Waffles, Vikings, The Scream, Winter Olympics, and Skiing.

Switzerland: Switzerland is known as heaven on the earth. It ranks 2nd top on the table among the safest holiday destinations due to its healthcare system and low crime rates. The beautiful villages, spectacular mountains, and wonderful lakes make Switzerland a perfect skiing destination. 

Slovenia: Small country with dramatic scenery, fantastic diversity, and stunning natural beauty Slovenia got the third rank. It is one of the top safe places in eastern Europe to travel. 

Basel: Basel is the beautiful city of Switzerland and the heart of Europe in terms of tradition and innovation. Basel is the perfect city for travelers who love to travel to cultural cities and love shopping. Basel is well known for its cultural museum; it has more than forty cultural museums. Basel is also famous for its events such as “Art Basel,” the Biggest Contemporary art events in the world, Basel Carnival, or Baselworld.

Geneva: Geneva is a global city, also known as a financial center. It is the safest holiday destination in Europe due to the numerous international organizations plus UN and Red Cross headquarters. The city is located near the bank of magnificent lake Geneva in the Rhone river with a dazzling view of Mont Blanc, Europe’s highest peak.

Vienna: Vienna, authentic and traditional, perfect for both lovers and families. The most populous city in Austria is famous for its splendid Christmas market in winter. It ranks fourth most peaceful town of 2020 by the Global peace index after Denmark and Canada. 

Zurich: An exceptionally delightful city, Zurich is probably the safest destination in Europe with a low crime percentage. Switzerland’s financial capital, Zurich, is famous for its affluent lifestyle, shopping, and fancy chocolate. Welcome to one of the safest and most beautiful destinations in Europe; welcome to Zurich.

Porto: Every country has something special that makes it unique for tourism. Porto is World-famous for its port wine named after the city. Porto’s, standing all around the world, is one of the most attractive cities in Portugal. The city has been rewarded for being the best travel destination in Europe. The best Romantic destinations in Europe for Couples.

Bern: Bern is still listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its well-preserved medieval historical centers. You will go crazy by visiting Bern’s Historical Centers. It is one of the top safest cities in Switzerland. If you are traveling to Switzerland, you can visit Bern directly from the train from Zurich. Bern is famous for its Old Town, Cathedral, Gurten, Historical Museum, and BarenPark. 

Zagreb: The capital of Croatia, Zagreb, is one of the most beautiful cities and the safest country in Europe. A good time to visit Zagreb is Spring for its beautiful botanical garden. Zagreb is an ideal holiday destination for a city break. Zagreb is a flourishing and energetic city famous for its exhibition halls, shopping, eating, and bistro culture. Zagreb is renowned for its museum of broken relationships. 

Reykjavik: Famous for its beautiful landscapes and nightlife scene, Reykjavik gives respect to nature. The capital of Iceland is famous for the Land of Fire and Ice due to its volcanoes and Glaciers. You can discover the Northern Lights or a relaxing day on the Blue Lagoon while traveling to Iceland. 

Split: If you are fond of traveling and like adventure activities, Spit is awaiting you, with the city hosting many activities for all ages. You can visit amazing national parks and take a tour of Split Marmont’s street for shopping. It is considered one of the top safest cities, just like Zagreb. 

Corfu: Corfu is a magnificent sunny and green Island in Greek, Sometimes called Greece’s Emerald Island and topped the safest travel destinations in Europe. You can have a pleasant climate on a sunny day in the summer season, a beautiful spring and summer light rain winter. Corfu has a large number of churches. The best time to travel to Corfu is between April to May and September to November. 

Here are the briefs of the safest cities of the European countries to visit. I hope this article will help you to visit Europe. 


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