Top Best Things To Do In Tromso All Year Round

Things to do in Tromso all year round: Tromsø is a very beautiful and exceptional choice for the ultimate destination all year round. You will find various places and destination there that will surely win your heart. Here you can do so much of activities while exploring this amazing city in northern Norway which is a major cultural hub above the Arctic Circle.


Things to do in Tromso-

Here are some of the Best Things to do in Tromso all year round, so let’s get started….


Fishing has always been an essential part of Norway’s culture and specifically for Northern Norway for decades. Fishing is considered to be the major source of income of the country.

Hella is one of the very popular fishing spots in Tromso where the very strong current makes it exceptional for catching some wolffish as well as coalfish. Hella is not only the best place to catch amazing fresh fish but also it is a great place to go for camping as well as you are going to love the spectacular views from there.

Well here you can fish from the shore anyplace, but there’s additional fun to head out to the sea in a boat and go for the fishing. Some of the boat trips are so amazing where you can catch the fish and even cook it by yourself onboard and have it as lunch.

Cable Car to the Mountain Floya

In Tromso, the cable car “Fjellheisen” is a true icon, which started way back to the year 1961. The cable car is something which is still loved by the locals as well as tourists also enjoy it very much. From the top, you will get an incredible view of Tromso city and its stunning surroundings of mountains as well as fjords.

In the background, you can observe this beautiful island, Kvaloya, which is considered to be one of Norway’s largest islands. It is also a very popular Tromso and that’s why it is a must-do-thing while visiting and traveling around Tromso.

Cafes and Shopping

The major pedestrian street in Tromso is known as Storgata, and there you can find a lot of nice shops, cafes, as well as restaurants. On Saturdays, the vibes and the whole Storgata seems to be more lively and is well worth a stroll.

Here, you will also find several unique shops that sell local handicrafts as well as Norwegian design clothing and souvenirs which you will love it and want to buy it for sure.

Polar Museum

If you are a fan of art and history then for sure you love museums but if you are traveling in Tromso for few days then you may find it difficult what to explore first also considering other activities in mind.

Well, obviously if you are here for a few days, then you can’t explore every place and activities. For this, you have opted for the best and for museum lover, here is your best choice, ‘‘Polar Museum’’.

This Museum offers and exhibits the unique position Tromso had as the capital of sealing as well as the “Gateway to the Arctic”. The exhibitions will give you an outlook of the hard life the trappers had on Svalbard through the winter.

Things To Do In Tromso

Some of the amazing things you will learn about at this museum will be the lives of famous trappers such as Henry Rudi and Wanny Wolstad, along with the wonderful polar exploration expeditions of Fridtjof Nansen as well as Roald Amundsen.

Northern Lights movie “Extreme Auroras” at The Science Centre

The remarkable 26 minutes Northern Lights movie “Extreme Auroras” will witness marvelous Northern Lights photos as well as videos in the 360-degree planetarium. The movie is made by the very popular and talented Northern Lights photographer as well as filmmaker Ole Salomonsen.

This is going to feel like so real, almost like watching the real Northern Lights and the whole thing in the complete will makes you fell maybe even better than the actual ones.


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