Top best things to do in Tromso during winter: You must do this!

Top best things to do in Tromso during winter: You must do this: Tromsø is mostly advertised and hyped as the Northern Lights capital of Norway, but one should take note that Northern Lights is a natural phenomenon that only happens in suitable conditions and there’s never any guarantee that you’ll see the Northern Lights even there. Bangalore to Iceland.

It’s not only just the Northern Lights that make Tromsø beautiful or an exceptional choice for a winter ultimate destination. You will find various places and destination there that will surely win your heart.

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Things to do in Tromso during winter-

If you are planning a trip there for winter then you must know the best of the best things to do. Let’s find out the top best things you can do in Tromsø during winter:

Dog Sledding

If you want to explore nature and to enjoy in the snow then for these amazing Dog Sledding rides. Once you will try Dog Sledding, you will never get enough of this. No matter how many times you will try this, but every next ride will give you a new experience as well as it will surely make you amazed.

However, snowmobiles offer some eases and comfort such as heated handlebars, the noise scares the wildlife off but what you will feel and experience in Dog Sledding will be pure and will connect you more to nature.

Chasing the Northern Lights

Northern Lights in Tromsø are usually pretty common as well as have regular occurrence since the city is located perfectly very near in the center of the Northern Lights oval. Later in the evening, it is the time to hunt for the Northern Lights. As the night falls to get a snowmobile sleigh ride to the place away from any light pollution.

Make your arrangements for sitting there and grill sausages by the open fire along with waiting for the Northern Lights to show up. If you are lucky enough and the sky is clear, the Northern Lights may show up. And when that green curtain sparkles all over the sky, it’s nothing short of speechless and spectacular.


The world’s northernmost aquarium, Polaria, is more of an Arctic experience center in Tromsø. Surprisingly, you will have an experience more than a museum with several stunning & informative films about arctic wildlife as well as northern lights. Other than that you will have a lot of fun to watch the playful seals.

The timings for Polaria is different on different seasons such as from May to August it opens from 10 am to 7 pm and September to May from 10 am to 6 pm. Seal feedings are at 12:30 pm and 3:30 pm in winter and at 12:30 pm and 3 pm in summer.

Reindeer and Exploring Sami Culture

For more than 5,000 years the native Sámi people have occupied Fenno-Scandinavia as well as northern Russia. You can learn about Sámi culture, traditions, and their means of survival which is for sure truly fascinating. Norway’s reindeer are all wild and are also good in numbers that why they roam freely, but they are also all owned by Sami people.

Tromso During Winter

The best way through which you can learn about Sámi culture is to go on a Sami Reindeer Experience. You can experience the Sami culture on their rural farms by sitting upon warm reindeer furs in a sleigh pushed by Norway’s reindeer.

Visit Fjellheisen – Tromsø’s Best Viewpoint

For the best ever view on Tromsø, you can take a trip up to the Fjellheisen. At 421 meters above the sea level, there are pretty amazing views for days from Fjellheisen.

Just go there and sit for a while and let your eyes feast on this wonderful view of Tromsø city, surrounding islands, with mountains at the background.


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