Tips For Travelling To Sweden (Travel Guide)

Tips For Travelling To Sweden (Travel Guide): Sweden is a small and lovely country in Europe. There are plenty of places in Sweden that you would find pretty attractive to you. You could go to the frozen lands to the rocky western coast or to the Stockholm that is known as the pearl of Sweden. For many people, Sweden is very expensive and for some people it is cheap. So, in this article, we are going to give you a travel guide that will give you solutions to all of your queries. You would be able to know how to cut cost while on your trip to Sweden. Sweden DMC in India.

Tips For Travelling To Sweden-

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First, you should know about the places that you must visit in Sweden.

  • Stockholm – You could visit museums and picturesque harbors or could enjoy the nightlife and charming lanes of Old Town.
  • Midsummer Festival – In Sweden, Swedes celebrate the summer solstice. They organize a party in which people dance around a maypole and enjoy eating, drinking, and sightseeing nature.
  • Gotland – This Island is known for its nice weather during the summer.
  • The Kings Trail – It is a 440 km track where you will find some of the most isolated and perfect landscapes in the country.
  • Lapland – Lapland is at the extreme north of Sweden and is known for its cold freezing weather. You can go skiing, watch northern lights or could even see reindeers.

Things that you could do in Sweden-

  • You could participate in fika
  • You could have a stay in the Ice Hotel
  • You could visit the Stockholm Archipelago
  • You could wander along Haga in Gothenburg
  • You could discover the Bohuslän Coast
  • You could go skiing
  • You could kick back in Uppsala
  • You could celebrate Valborg Day
  • You could check out Wallander’s Ystad
  • You could visit Kosterhavet
  • You could visit the Vasa Museum
  • You could go to Skara Sommarland

Control Costs

Accommodation –

Sweden is not a cheap country so you could find accommodation in hostels and that would be starting around 250 Swedish Krona per night. If you go to any budget hotel, it would cost you about 700 Swedish Krona per night. There are some cheaper accommodations but these have shared rooms. Airbnb could give you shared rooms that could have to share a kitchen or bathroom for around 400 Swedish Krona per night. If you don’t want any kind of room then you could try purchasing a Swedish camping card that will cost you around 150 SEK. You can put a camp in the campgrounds through this and will get toilets and showers facilities.

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Food –

Well, food in Sweden is pretty expensive and if you want cheap food then you could look out for the street vendors. The street vendors sell food starting at 50 SEK. You could stop the intake of meat and cheese as these products are the most expensive in Sweden. If you want to save your money on alcohol then try drinking beers. Beer will cost you around 40-50 SEK.

How Much It Cost To Travel Europe?

Transportation –

Intercity Trains – 325-610 SEK (Ticket Price: Around 200 SEK)

Buses – 225–405 SEK (Ticket Price: 80 SEK)

Activities –

Visiting museums could cost you around 80-200 SEK.

Best Things To Do In Sweden

Tips that will help you cut your cost

  • Bok everything in advance because the price of transportation is cheaper if you book prior 3-4 days. If you run at the last moment then the tickets will be overpriced.
  • Carry a refillable water bottle with you so that you could fill it with tap water.
  • Buy a rail pass as it would be cheaper for traveling around the country for the particular time limit. Purchasing individual train tickets will be expensive for you.
  • Instead of going to expensive restaurants, go to the street vendors.

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