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An amazing city in northern Norway, Tromsø, is a major cultural hub above the Arctic Circle. It’s so beautiful that you will fall in love with this place at first sight. Particularly, the city is most popular as a viewing point for colorful Northern Lights that occasionally light up the nighttime sky. But it’s not only just the Northern Lights that make Tromsø beautiful or an excellent choice for an ultimate destination.

Tromso Travel Agency-

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Here are the things that you would surely like about this stunning and remarkable city. So, let’s get started….

Best Surrounding, Culture, and Nature

The city center of Tromsø comprises of the maximum number of old wooden houses in Northern Norway, the oldest house dating from the year 1789. The city has its own cultural center for its region, with having a number of festivals taking place in the month of summer.

For more than 5,000 years the native Sámi people have occupied Fenno-Scandinavia as well as northern Russia. You can learn about Sámi culture, traditions, and their means of survival which is for sure truly fascinating. Norway’s reindeer are all wild and are also good in numbers that why they roam freely, but they are also all owned by Sami people.

High Rated Food

The food in Tromsø always feels as fresh as the city’s many various outdoor activities. Their local ingredient based menus are so delicious and mouth-watering that one meal will not be enough to stop your craving.

There are numerous other eateries in Tromsø that have earned exceptional ratings by locals as well as travelers. The food culture in Tromsø also highlights and mirrors the city’s strong heritage of explorers.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights in Tromsø are usually pretty common as well as have regular occurrence since the city is located perfectly very near in the centre of the Northern Lights oval. Later in the evening, it is the time to hunt for the Northern Lights. As the night falls to get a snowmobile sleigh ride to the place away from any light pollution. If you are lucky enough and the sky is clear, the Northern Lights may show up. And when that green curtain sparkles all over the sky, it’s nothing short of speechless and spectacular.

Beautiful Weather

You are mostly going to find the beautiful weather in Tromsø which will make you travel and explore the city more and resting less. The city is basically warmer than most other places situated on the same latitude, it is because of the warming effect of the Gulf Stream. Tromsø is even milder than other places that are much beyond south of it somewhere else in the world, such as on the Hudson Bay as well as in Far East Russia, with the warm-water current letting for together comparatively mild winters as well as tree growth despite its very high latitude.

Tromso Travel Agency

It’s a Multicultural City

However, there are many languages spoken in Norway but the Norwegian language is the most widely spoken as well as it is the main official language of the country. Also in Tromsø Norwegian is spoken the most but when you really enter the city you will find more people speaking in English rather than Norwegian.

You will be surprised but will also feel relieved at the same time as now you will not feel any insecurity of communication. You can freely speak to the locals and by chance, if you miss your squad then you can easily be guided by the people around you.


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