Ultimate Guide to the Northern Lights in Iceland

Ultimate Guide to the Northern Lights in Iceland: Iceland is one of the best countries to travel in Europe. It has many places to wander and wonder about the natural beauties. Iceland is a name that itself depicts that it is a land of ice but there is more in Iceland than ice. There are many wonders in Iceland that you will find amazing. Especially, the northern lights there are the most attractive phenomenon that occurs in Iceland. Norway DMC

The natural light display in the Earth’s sky is the most beautiful thing that you can ever encounter in your lifetime. Sighting the Aurora in a clear night sky will always give you a breath-taking experience. It might be almost everyone childhood dream or desire to watch these beautiful Northern Lights. Well, it’s not very hard to make your dreams come true. Iceland DMC

Today, with the help of this post we are going to give you an ultimate guide to the Northern Lights in Iceland. So, without wasting any time let’s get started….


What are Northern Lights?

The Northern Lights are also known as Aurora Borealis. These lights occur when the solar particles collide with Earth’s atmospheric gases and the magnetic line wrapped around the Earth. When these solar waves or particles collide with earth, it produces a neon light that sometimes last for a few minutes or for a few days.

These lights can be seen on both the hemisphere of the Earth. These are visible on both Northern and Southern hemisphere as the collision takes place both sides. In the northern hemisphere, they’re known as “Aurora Borealis” or “Northern Lights”. In the southern hemisphere, they are “Aurora Australia” or “Southern Lights”.

This natural phenomenon only occurs at some region of the Northern Hemisphere.


When and Where to Watch Northern Lights in Iceland?

There are only few places in the world where you can experience this once in lifetime experience and every place has its own uniqueness and popularity and Iceland is one of them. The best time is during the winters. It is cold and dark outside so the lights shine much brighter than usual. If you go out when there is clear sky then you will see lights with amazing view but if the sky is not clear then the clouds will become obstruction in the view and you won’t be able to see the lights clearly.

When: Early September to the end of April.

Best Viewing Locations: Some of the great options comprises of Seltjarnarnes in Reykjavik, Vik, Látrabjarg/Westfjords, Eldborgahraun, Djúpavík, Þingvellir National Park.


What are the tips for Spotting Northern Lights?  

Here are some of the best tips for spotting Northern Lights:

  • Don’t wait for Aurora in the city as the pollution and buildings may obstruct the view. Go to the forest or mountains where you can get natural and pollution free environment to see the Aurora without anything in your way.
  • To see Aurora or Northern Lights, you must go to the Northern Hemisphere during winters and clear nights.
  • Photographing the Aurora can be a little bit tricky so to avoid any kind of mislead, do a research before and check out A Globe Well Traveller’s guide as well.

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