Denmark Travel Advice & Safety

Denmark is one of those top destinations in Northern Europe where millions of tourists from across the globe travel every month to explore various things. If you are also planning to visit this Scandinavian country, then there are various travel and safety advice to follow.
1- If caught drinking and driving, then penalties will be charged which includes jail and heavy fines.
2- Pickpockets are always in crowded areas, that’s why taking care of personal valuable belongings is highly suggested.
3- There is a penalty for drug offences which can lead to jail, heavy fines, or immediate deportation.
4- The country accepts both Australia’s international Covid-19 vaccination certificates and other certificates if meet the criteria. 5- The testing and quarantine rules of Covid-19 tend to change frequently.
6- The only currency which is acceptable in the country is Danish Krone.
7- Most of the tourists got injured due to cycling-related accidents, that’s why it’s better to walk only on cycle-only lanes. 8- It is the part of Schengen area, which means sometimes tourists can enter and visit Denmark without a visa.
9 Denmark’s Christiana has no photography policy and tourists might get charged if they are caught in the same act.


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