Top 10+ Reasons To Visit Finland; Travel Guide (2019)

Top 10+ Reasons To Visit Finland; Travel Guide (2019): Finland, one of the best places to visit in your life offers you all the best sightings, food, experience and much more, that one trip will not be enough to explore all those happiness. So, with the help of this article, we have covered all the things that you need to know about Finland so that you can understand that why Finland is a must visit place in your lifetime. Let’s get started now. Tips For Traveling Sweden

Best Places to Visit in Finland

Safest Country

Finland is a safe and hospitable society as according to World Atlas, Finland is the 17th safest country in the world. Violent crime is extremely rare, so the country is very safe even for everyone especially for the women traveling alone.

More Forest and Lakes in Europe

Finland is also called the “Land of a Thousand Lakes”. Well, the reason for that is that Finland has thousands of beautiful forests which cover 70 % of Finland land that is also more than any other European country.

Happiest Country in the World

Finland has been named the happiest place to live in which Finland topped the World Happiness Report, where a total number of 156 countries are ranked by happiness levels, based on factors like life expectancy, social support as well as corruption.

Exceptional Architecture

Finland is a place of diverse and outstanding architecture. Visitors can see the art all over the country from periods comprising art-nouveau, Nordic classicism, gothic revival, and minimalism, as well as explore the architectural history at the Architecture Museum in Helsinki.

Home to oldest inhabitants and Santa

Finland is the home to the oldest inhabitants of Europe that is Sami as well as it is also the home to Santa Claus. Finland is the only place in the world to meet the real Santa Claus, so you can meet him personally and make your wish.

The Rarest Seal in the World

The Saimaa ringed seal which is considered to be one of the few living freshwater seals in the world are found in Finland. This endangered seal has a total population of only around 310 individuals and also it can be found only in Lake Saimaa which is the largest lake in Finland.

Best Traditional Food

Finland offers various delicious local cuisines particularly the fish which is very common because of the number of lakes. It also offers specialty meats, mushrooms, and berries.

Northern Lights Sighting

Sighting the Aurora Borealis in a clear night sky will always give you a breath-taking experience. In Lapland in northern Finland, the Northern Lights appear on nearly almost 200 nights a year.

Beautiful Breath-taking Landscapes

The landscapes alone are pretty enough reason to visit Finland, as they are so beautiful and inspiring that even many artists and composers visit here for many years to get new ideas and thoughts. From the flat countryside of the south and the mountains of Koli National Park to the snow-covered tundra in Lapland, are more than enough to keep the visitors speechless and inspired for a long time.

The Best Place for Skiing

Finland is considered to be the best place for skiing also, the skiing season in Finland can last for more than 6 months that is from late October all the way until May. For the duration of the darkest winter days the ski slopes are in their best shapes and conditions also in the spring the sun shines up till late at night.

More than 3 Million Saunas

Saunas are essential to Finland as well as the Finnish way of life. For many of the centuries, Finns have been relaxing in these hot bathhouses and on the other hand, the icy Finnish winters offer the perfect contrast to it making it more amazing. You will find saunas everywhere in Finland.

Best National parks

The National parks in Finland comprise of many wild animals such as bears, lynx, and eagles that live in the parks. You can also find a rare subspecies of freshwater seal that is the Saimaa ringed seal that lives in the national parks around Lake Saimaa.

The Craziest Events

Finland is also very popular for hosting craziest events such as Wife Carrying, Air Guitar Playing and Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships. By seeing all these events you can say that Finns are a bit crazy when it comes to competitions and events. Though these events don’t make much sense still you will have the greatest fun there.


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