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Denmark, a wonderful Scandinavian country has everything you want from a best trip. Copenhagen, capital of Denmark is the home to royal palaces and colourful Nyhavn harbor, and more the Tivoli amusement park and the iconic “Little Mermaid” statue. It also comprises of the Jutland Peninsula and a lot of islands and is linked to nearby Sweden through the Öresund bridge.

Denmark is also considered to be one of the world’s safest places based on its extremely low rate of violent crime, theft, terror as well as natural disasters. The people in Denmark are very welcoming and friendly and you will never feel alone there.

The primary language of Denmark is Danish even though other Scandinavian languages such as Swedish and Norwegian may be basically understood and spoken there but like many other Scandinavian countries, English is also widely spoken so there is no problem in communication. You can visit us if you are looking for the Norway DMC from any part of the world.

There’s no any fixed time to visit Denmark, instead you can go and enjoy the place all year round, but every season has something different to offer and the best time to go there is the Spring season from May to June.

Like many of the European countries, the weather consider that which season is the high and which is low.

High Season in Denmark is around mid-June to mid-August as at that time it has warmer weather with long daylight hours. All attractions and sights are open at that time and therefore you can expect the crowds and higher accommodation prices during that period.

Mid Season in Denmark is around May to mid-June and mid-August to September. At this period of time there is less crowd than compared to the high season and the weather also remain mild which is also an ideal time to travel. We are the experienced Iceland DMC 

Low Season in Denmark is from October to April. At this period of time the weather is extremely cool and the day lights are shorter. Many of the popular tourist sights and many outdoor attractions are closed these days and there is least crowd during this season.

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The TKWSDMCSDMC provides you the best packages so you can enjoy the land of fire and ice without any concern. For those who don’t know much about our services, then TKWSDMC is basically a UK Based B2B destination Management company that has its Head Offices in UK as well as its branch offices based in Norway, India, Hong Kong & USA and specify in providing professional ground management services to tour operators & travel agents for their FIT and Group bookings providing wide-ranging local information, knowledge & proficiency.

The travel-division of TKWSDMC's Group is TKWSDMC DMC Europe Ltd, having interests in Customs, International Logistics, Education and Hospitality since the year 1989. We believe that everyone should get this golden chance to explore beautiful places and therefore we provides you best of the best services so that we can bring some joyful experience in everyone’s life.

TKWSDMC DMC Europe Ltd provides you various best services of hotel reservations, apartments reservations, city exploring tours, train tickets, transfers, multilingual guides, car rentals and much more.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us and know more about Denmark and our services and get yourself ready to enjoy n the wonders of Denmark.

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