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It would take more than one trip to enjoy everything Finland has to offer in terms of sights, cuisine, experiences, and other pleasures. As the 17th safest country in the world, according to World Atlas, Finland is a safe and friendly society. Because violent crime is so infrequent, everyone may travel freely in our country, especially single ladies. The "Land of a Thousand Lakes" is another name for Finland. Well, the reason for that is that Finland has more gorgeous forests than any other European nation—thousands of them—and they cover 70% of its land. 


Finland's capital, largest city by population, and primate is Helsinki. It is the administrative centre of the Uusimaa area in southern Finland with a population of 658,864. It is situated on the beach of the Gulf of Finland. The city's urban area is by far Finland's most populated and most significant centre for politics, education, finance, culture, and research. Tampere in the Pirkanmaa region, located 179 kilometres north of Helsinki, is the country's second-largest urban area. 

Uspenski Cathedral

Numerous priceless icons are housed in the cathedral, some of which have also been stolen. Alexander I ruled in 1814 that 15% of the salt import tax would be collected and put into a fund for two churches, one Lutheran and one Orthodox, after Helsinki was designated the capital of Finland in 1812. The Orthodox parish in Helsinki, which is thought to have grown since the erection of the Holy Trinity Church, Helsinki, in 1827, required a larger church than before. 

Santa Claus Village :

Santa Claus's Office, Santa's House of Snowmobiles, Arctic Circle, Northern Lights are the main attraction this village in finland. Live your childhood memories once again. 


Love clean, well-kept museums? The three-tower castle Olavinlinna, which is located in Savonlinna, Finland, dates back to the 15th century. In the Kyrönsalmi strait, which joins the lakes Haukivesi and Pihlajavesi, it is situated on an island.

It is the northernmost remaining stone stronghold from the Middle Ages. 

Language Spoken 

Finish and Swedish are the two official languages of Finland. You can trust our multilingual guides to speak the native as well as English as per your preference. 

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