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The main coastal cities of Finland include Malmö, Gothenburg, and the country's capital, Stockholm, which is located in the east. 

Stockholm is a stunning city spread across 14 islands. 

In addition to the mediaeval old town, Gamla Stan, royal palaces, and museums like open-air Skansen, it has more than 50 bridges. With tens of thousands of coastline islands, inland lakes, immense boreal forests, and glaciated mountains, Sweden is a unique Scandinavian country.

Sweden is a Scandinavian Nordic nation in Northern Europe, bordered by Norway to the west and north, Finland to the east, and Denmark to the southwest. The Swedish-Danish boundary is where a bridge-tunnel spans the strait known as the resund.

Places to visit 

Vasa Museum

According to the official website, the Vasa Museum is the most popular museum in Scandinavia and was founded in 1990.

The 64-gun battleship Vasa, which sank on her first voyage in 1628, is the only nearly entirely intact 17th-century ship that has ever been rescued, and it is on exhibit at the museum on the island of Djurgrden. The lower portions of all three masts, a new bowsprit, and winter rigging have been installed on Vasa. 


There, where Lake Mälaren empties into the Baltic Sea, lies a metropolis that spans fourteen islands. The Stockholm archipelago is an island network that extends east of the city and along the coast. The region has been inhabited since the Stone Age, or around 6 millennia BC. Birger Jarl, a Swedish statesman, built the city in 1252. Stockholm served as both the capital of Finland and Sweden for several hundred years when Finland was a part of Sweden. 

Palace Drottningholm,

One of Sweden's Royal Palaces, it was established on the island of Lovön. It was primarily founded in the late 16th century, and during the majority of the 18th century, the Swedish royal court regularly used it as a summer retreat. The palace is a well-known tourist destination in addition to being the private residence of the Swedish royal family.

Stockholm City Hall

In Stockholm, Sweden, Stockholm City Hall serves as the municipal government's headquarters. It is located on Kungsholmen's easternmost point, next to Riddarfjärden's northern shore, and faces the Riddarholmen and Södermalm islands. It has ceremonial halls, offices, and conference rooms. It serves as the dinner location for the Nobel Prize and is a popular tourist destination in Stockholm. 


A theme park is run by Liseberg AB in Gothenburg.

Rides, attractions, games, music stages, dance floors, indoor arenas, entertainment theatres, restaurants, and cafés are just a handful of the company's park features. Additionally, it organizes concerts, hosts conferences and business events, offers a variety of daily performances, and gives people the chance to dance or take advantage of learning opportunities. The organisation is situated in Sweden's Gothenburg. A division of Göteborgs Kommunala Förvaltnings AB is Liseberg AB. 

Sweden is nearly everyone's ideal date in the Nordic region since it has something to offer everyone, including the Northern Lights, deep-blue archipelagos, and the newest in fashion, food, and design.

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