Top things to do in Finland during Winter!

Located right at the top of Europe, Finland is the beautiful Northern European nation bordering Sweden, Norway and Russia. The place with diverse culture, great people, good food and amazing sightseen natural beauties and locations will surely win your heart.

The lakes, fells, rivers, as well as massive wild areas, along with the certainty of snow in the winter make it a Nordic playground for both winter as well as summer undertakings.

Things to do in Finland during Winter-

The country’s many cultural as well as historical attractions add to the unspoiled natural atmospheres in order to make it an ideal destination. Well, winter un Finland is nothing less than a heavenly experience, if you want to enjoy the best winter vacation in Finland then experience these below listed things which will make your trip more amazing and thrilling.


Skiing or Snowboarding

Finland is considered to be the best place for skiing also, the skiing season in Finland can last for more than 6 months that is from late October all the way until May. For the duration of the darkest winter days the ski slopes are in their best shapes and conditions also in the spring the sun shines up till late at night.

Finland enjoys a long snow season with snow that starts around November and carry on till May in northern Finland, which makes it a perfect place for downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, as well as snowboarding. If you want to visit Finland in the main ski season then you must go there between the months of December and March.



Riding on a snowmobile is considered to be one of the best ways to experience the outdoors in Finland as well as they can be ridden by one or two people at a time. You can enjoy the snow and the view while enjoying the ride by your own. It is completely different experience that you can never imagine. One must also take note that children under 15 years of age generally cannot drive snowmobiles, as well as there are also restrictions for younger children being passengers.


Enjoy Sauna Experience

Saunas are essential to Finland as well as the Finnish way of life. For many of the centuries, Finns have been relaxing in these hot bathhouses and on the other hand, the icy Finnish winters offer the perfect contrast to it making it more amazing. You will find saunas everywhere in Finland.


Dog Sledding

If you want to explore the nature and to enjoy in the snow then try these amazing Dog Sledding rides. Once you will try Dog Sledding, you will never get enough of this. No matter how many times you will try this, but every next ride will give you a new experience as well as it will surely make you amazed.

However, snowmobiles offer some eases and comfort such as heated handle bars, the noise scares the wildlife off but what you will feel and experience in Dog Sledding will be pure and will connect you more to the nature.


Enjoy Ice Breaker Cruise

Icebreaker Cruise is one of the top best things that you can ever experience in your lifetime. It is basically 3-4 hours cruise in the frozen water in Finland. For the period of these exploring hours you are going to spectate an enormous ice breaking power of the vessel, making its way through the solid frozen sea.

Well, that’s not the only thing that you are going to spectate, other than just spectating you can also get the opportunity to walk on the grand frozen sea along with swimming in the dark icy water in flotation survival suit.


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