Is Backpacking in Europe Safe?

Are you still confused that backpacking in Europe is safe or not? When you are packing your bags to travel Europe, one question that’s probability strikes your mind, Is Travelling in Europe Safe? It’s a common question that arises every sense, due to COVID, before packing their bags and leaving for their destinations. At last, you need the final straight answer to your question: Is backpacking in Europe safe, or not?

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Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as that. There are many factors that impact the security of one’s outing through Europe, from how you travel to where you stay. Your safety is totally dependent on how and when you plan your trip. Fortunately, hiking through Europe can be amazingly protected and satisfying with the correct information, tips, and resources.

Before leaving for the Europe trip, consider these tips to make sure backpacking in Europe is safe. 

Safety Tips for Backpacking in Europe:

Avoid Hitchhiking: In Europe, hitchhiking has become more popular amongst the millennial generation and a kind of fun for them. Many small countries enjoy hitchhiking through motorbikes or four-wheelers. In Europe, there is a saying for hitchhiking that it’s affordable, moderately simple, and an approach to meet new people. But it can put you at risk. You don’t have an idea about the person and their intentions who is driving you. Also, during the COVID time, you don’t know about the person’s health, symptoms, and whether they are vaccinated or not.

Check Reviews: when you travel to a specific place, there are many hotels, beds & breakfasts, or Airbnbs. But before making the final booking of the hotel, check its online reviews thoroughly if your fellow travelers put negative feedback about what they experienced. Those reviews will help you to avoid staying somewhere that can place you in a risky situation. 

Check Travel Advisories: Before going anywhere in the European countries, check the travel guidelines of that country that helps travelers make informed when and where they have to travel. Checking travel advisory can be a helpful resource, which area needs to avoid, for those planning to travel in Europe. By checking these guidelines, you’ll be on the safe side and can enjoy your trip.

Try to Keep Your essential Items Close: Backpacking in Europe is safe, but you have to be a little careful. Keeping your important items close will save you from Pickpockets and thieves in European countries. Airports, shopping centers, restaurants, and high-traffic areas are the places where you have to be more careful. Don’t keep your important items, like your passport, money, and important documents, with your luggage or in a suitcase. 

Plan your trip with a Tour Company: Backpacking in Europe is safe, and if you are planning to visit Europe, then contact the destination management company, it would make your tour best of all and worry-free, and they will keep your safety as a top priority. Professional guides, safe transportation, and travel itineraries; with all these, you can totally rely on them without any tension. They will take care of your food, travel, stay, and transportation from the day you start your trip to the day you finish your trip. 

Top 5 Safest Countries to Travel Europe:

As we mentioned earlier, most of the European countries are safe & open to travel. But not all countries get rank favorably on the Global Peace Index. Here are the top five safest countries to travel to Europe.

Norway: Norway is the world’s safest country and the best holiday destination in Europe. You can take a tour to the best places in Norway; Fjords, Lofoten Islands, Vikings, Norwegian heart-shaped Waffles, The Scream, Winter Olympics, and Skiing.

Switzerland: Switzerland is not only heaven on this planet but also the second safest destination in Europe, thanks to the Low-crime rate and its most advanced healthcare system. A perfect skiing destination with dramatic mountains, beautiful villages, and wonderful lakes.

Slovenia: Small country with a lesser size in population got the 3rd rank in the third safest holiday destination in Europe. Dramatic scenery, fantastic diversity, and stunning natural beauty make Slovenia one of the perfect destinations in Eastern Europe. 

Basel: with a beautiful tradition and innovation make Basel the Heart of Europe, a beautiful city in Switzerland to travel to. Basel is world-famous for Museum. The world’s Largest Museum is in Basel. If you are a shopping lover, then Basel is the best for you. The best things about Basels are: 

  • Basel is world-famous for its Art scene.
  • Basel has the best fantastic food market in Switzerland.
  • Switzerland’s biggest festival, Basler Fascnacht, is also called the Carnival of Basel. 

Geneva:  Financial center and global city in Switzerland. Home to the headquarters of many agencies of the Red Cross and the United Nations. Geneva is surrounded by the Rhone river and the Alps or Jura mountains. Geneva has the highest number of hostings of International Organisations. 

I hope this blog will help you to get the information about backpacking in Europe is safe. If you need any other information regarding this, please feel free to comment.



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